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Should Enterprises Continue to Invest in Their PHP App Development Endeavor?

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PHP is a widely used web application platform and is considered among the most popular of web application languages used by PHP developers globally. It is simple to use and this is the main reason for developers with PHP website development companies preferring the PHP language.

Of late, questions on the future of PHP have been raised with many advocating to do away with PHP and replace it with a more advanced languages and development interface – preferably Java.

But PHP has its own share of loyalists that argue that the simple procedures involved in PHP cannot be equalled by any other language.

Where it started and where it is at present:

PHP has come out successful in the past years – and its success lies in being relevant for such a long time, despite the technology around it changed so much in the same time. It started as a collection of tools to record traffic and has grown to becoming an object oriented language blossoming into a full-blown web development technology platform. At present, it is the most important language that people are turning to while coding.

What is in store for PHP in the coming years?

It has to be seen how PHP will change according to the situation and will update itself with the changing needs of the web. A few PHP loyalists have agreed that time has come when individuals staking their faith on PHP must address the few problems that the holistic platform suffers from. The language has been inconsistent and there is much duplication in core functionality.

PHP has managed to stave off competition from the likes of Java and ColdFusion – and will continue to do so. But it still has a lot of competition yet to face., Ruby- on- Rails framework few of such languages that can be a threat to the PHP.

PHP did come up with the model-view- container framework to counter the threat from Ruby-on-Rails. But this also highlights the simplicity of the PHP language and how it can be copied to any of the advanced interfaces and frameworks that are developed once in a while.

The biggest advantage that PHP has is its huge online community. The PHP language is used to create scripts. Even software applications like video-streaming and content management systems are based on PHP. Drupal, Zen Cart, Joomia, WordPress are a few examples.

Developers in the community have access to add PHP scripts and suggest changes and add features to the core PHP package but the packaging issues of PHP are controlled by Zend. This again reflects that PHP has enough of developers and a good administrator team to control the original PHP package from getting weakened with sub-standard coding. PHP has always been considered as limited to web applications but it can be used to create stand alone desktop applications too.

In conclusion it can be said PHP website development services has withstood competition earlier and given the community stay put to their task, it has every reason to continue to lead in the future.

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Reasons, You Must Implement A Mobile-First Web Design in 2018

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Mobile-first website designing services are more important in 2018 then it has ever been before. With over 95% of users now mobile, the internet is evolving faster than we can keep up. Not only has there been a ton of growth in the marketing community, the tech industry is changing the game with all of the new smart devices available.

There is a compiled a list of benefits to think about while designing with the motto:

1. More Exposure – AMP

One of the most important benefits of mobile-first is the amount of exposure you can receive if you participate properly.

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Google has developed something called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

AMP is a secondary version of your website without all of the Java, widgets, heavy images, and toys to slow down the speed of your landing page. Google will cache your page, By implementing AMP into your website, so it can be served faster to users looking for that specific information.

They also give your site a boost in rankings on mobile devices because the user experience is said to be better.

If your pages load faster, not only will your bounce rate decrease, your user will tend to stick around to read your content or dig deeper into your site, thus increasing your CTR.

2. User Experience – Navigation

There is a lot to be said about user experience (UX) on the web.

Implementing proper navigation is key.

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Remember when sticky headers increased the chances of a user navigating to multiple pages of your site? It made finding information faster and decreased the opportunity for them to leave unsatisfied. Now, this is standard on just about every website you find.

Mobile-first navigation is the same in today’s handheld world. Navigation is an integral part of mobile-first development and must be thought out beforehand.

As soon as a user feels they have reached the end of the road or the information they wish to seek or explore is out of reach, without hesitation, that back button is more than happy to take them off of your website.

Implementing mobile-first navigation not only looks awesome, it gives your user a reason to stay, and it makes them less likely to press that back button.

3. SEO – Google SERPs

In December of 2016, a Google algorithm update gave a decreased rank for websites that DO NOT meet Google’s minimum requirements for mobile usability.

This same update looked favorably on the sites that passed the test. Because of my background in search engine optimization, I experienced a boost in rankings.

Google currently uses a ton of different metrics to measure if your site is capable of helping the user find the information they want.

I would go as far as to say that your site metrics – page load speed, click through rate, amp implementation, and use of navigation – all play a huge part in your Google rankings.

Not only will having a well-built website give your users a reason to remember you, they will come back and share that experience with others.

4. Money – AdSense

Let’s face it, monetizing your blog or business is the key factor in all of this. Unless you are a nonprofit giving people free helpful information, we all want to be compensated for our efforts.

AdSense is a great platform which can help make this happen.

One of my favorite sayings, “Google Loves Google” is a great illustration of this. If your website is mobile-friendly, you will rank higher because the ads on your site have a higher probability of being clicked.

If you implement AMP on your pages, your pages will load faster thus increasing the chances of someone viewing multiple pages of your website and clicking on an ad.

You can see very quickly that having a mobile-first website built for the user not only benefits the user, it also benefits Google, and it will also benefit you.

As developers, we have a decision to make:

We can either lead the pack and make the web a better, more accessible playground or wait around until someone else does.

I hope by mentioning the benefits of mobile-first you will decide to make your next web design project with mobile-first in mind. In the long run, you will have a better, more accessible website development services for whatever you wish to do.

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NodeJS: A Brief Description

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Node.js is a lean, fast server-side platform which is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It was written by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and its latest version available is v0.10.36. The meaning as supplied by its official documentation is as follows.

It is a podium built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime with a motive of easy building of fast and scalable network applications. It adopts an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient, and also perfect for data-intensive real-time applications run across different distributed devices.

Node.JS Website Development Services is described as a JavaScript runtime environment which is both cross-platform and open – source. It useful for both servers and desktop applications.The applications are written using JavaScript, and they can run within the Node.js runtime on the following OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

It also presents a well-equipped library of various JavaScript modules that simplify the development of web applications using the platform to a great extent.

Features of Node.js are as follows:

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Non Blocking and focus is on the Event − All API’s of Node.js library are asynchronous, i.e. they are non-blocking. It originally means a Node.js based server will never wait for an API to return the data. The server then moves over to the next API after calling it.Using notification mechanism of Events of this platform it helps the server to get a response from the previous API call.

Very Fast – Since this platform is fabricated on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, its library is very fast in code execution.

Even though it is Single Threaded yet it is Highly Scalable − This platform utilizes a single threaded model along with event looping. Event mechanism aids the server to reciprocate in a non-blocking way and also makes the server highly scalable averse to the traditional servers which used to create limited threads to handle the requests. It utilizes a program which is single threaded and can arrange service to a much bigger number of requests in comparison to the traditional servers like Apache HTTP Server.

No Buffering – The applications of this platform never buffers any data. These applications simply provide output to the data in chunks.

License – The license for Node.js was released under the MIT license.

This platform is used by the following Node.JS Website Development Companies in its operations follows: eBay, General Electric, GoDaddy, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, Wikipins, Yahoo!, and Yammer to name a few.

These listed areas are proves, Node.js is an ideal technological partner.

• Adopts I/O bound Applications

• Data Streaming Applications

• Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT)

• JSON APIs based Applications

• Single Page Applications

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Essential Things to Add to the Homepage of an ECommerce Website for Better Conversion

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A homepage is considered as a root page because of it’s versatile features. It is the first page where the visitors land when they open your website. The homepage simply does many important tasks seamlessly such as attract the visitors to the site and let them explore the rest of the site.

Hence, It should clearly show what the site is about and provide an easy way to find other tasks. Numerous E-Commerce Website Development Companies in USA have strengthened their roots in the market in the recent years and have built massive websites including the various creative homepages.

A homepage has many tasks to perform especially an e-commerce homepage. We have already mentioned the primary tasks, so the secondary tasks are promoting latest offers and new arrivals. As the homepage is so important, you should know the essential things to add to it. Here is the list of those essential points.


You need to make sure that your visitors easily find their way to their preferred tasks on your website, otherwise, if, they find it complicated they might leave your website after spending a few seconds or minutes time.  

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Hence, the navigation of an e-commerce homepage should be very easy and flexible. People don’t want to consume much time just to understand the process of buying something online.

Browsing History


To impress your customers with your e-commerce homepage at once, provide them a personalized user experience by remembering their last searches and making recommendations based on them.

Keep your customer’s basic data saved on your website such as customer’s purchase history, what pages they have viewed the most and their location. It will help you while personalizing the user’s experience. 

Contact Details

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Customers don’t trust the startups easily so to make them trust on your services, you need to clearly mention your contact details on your homepage and that should include your company’s registered number along with the registered physical address.

Providing these details clearly will surely attract more traffic to your e-commerce website. However, to attract the huge traffic on your portal you need to build the best website and for building the best website you need to hire a developer from the best E-Commerce Website Development Services.

These were a few essential things you can add to your e-commerce homepage and get the better conversion.
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Symfony Or Laravel: Prolonged Battle in Web Solutions Development Persists


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With ample of good and quality frameworks of PHP available, which one will suit the web solution needs of a particular business or organisation is hard to decide. This is certainly the most common query that comes to the minds of the developers when they seek for a befitting framework which makes their job lenient and smooth, even if they have to build some complex web applications. While Symfony and Laravel web development services both are the trending names for reliable and cost-effective web solutions, picking up which framework will be rational for a concerned web project is hard to determine. There are numerous aspects to consider to conclude on any framework which includes features, scalability, long-term support and strong community support. Before diving into a conclusion, here are the technical comparisons between the two contenders.

Installation systems

Even though both frameworks have some restrictions in installations, there are some ease or freedom otherwise in their installation procedures. While in this case, Symfony’s composer plays the crucial role because it can best handle the components, Laravel too is easy-to-install via its own Installer or Composer create-project option. In any way, both frameworks are available for installation via a composer which is a plus for those using Composer to handle packages.


There is a sharp distinction between the data accessibility and migration of both the frameworks. Symphony uses Doctrine, where Laravel utilises the Eloquent. In the Doctrine, one just has to define the model and migrations are done automatically. However, in Eloquent, one has to make migration manually and there’s no need for defining the fields in the model. This clearly draws out that Laravel is a sure winner in this regard.

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Access to database

As mentioned in the above point, Laravel make use of Eloquent in which accessing the data is more flexible. The only thing of concern is some standard knowledge about SQL as most of its functions are on SQL equivalents. In case of Symfony, every time one needs to access a data, he needs to build a repository function earlier. Since there’s no other way to access any complicated structure, the repository functions must expand. Thus, one clear advantage of Laravel is its robust coverage of possibilities. While many situations are there in Doctrine where dealing with sensible functions result in errors, Eloquent is capable of accepting any request and turn them into valid SQL.

Templating system

While Symfony makes use of the Twig templating system where the code is clean and way easier, Laravel plies Blade templating where every file gets converted by default into raw PHP processing. Twig has some notable advantages like nicer looking code, big community and large keywords added to extensions. On the other hand, a big advantage of Blade is its ability to reuse code. The second added benefit is that it works fine with front-end frameworks or library extensions.

Performance and cache system

Caching is a foremost consideration for web developers nowadays. While both Symfony and Laravel are capable of caching views, only the former one by default is a caching source code. However, Laravel works seamlessly and faster despite Symfony using the cache. This is mainly because of the top-notch performance of the Laravel for which one never require the use of cache in it.

The winning score in the battle definitely goes to Laravel or Laravel website development company, but that does not necessarily imply Laravel is the ultimate platform. Both are excellent options providing the environment for the full-stack development of varied categories of web applications development.

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Best of Joomla Templates For Out-Of-The-Box & Striking Websites

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Joomla is the most flexible platform known to empower website developers and give them a rewarding content management system. Preferred by a majority of web developers, it is not only a befitting CMS helping developers to organise content perfectly, Joomla Website Development Services has eye-pleasing Joomla templates that help owners to customize any site the way they want. Some of the best Joomla templates not only have enticing page layouts but are amazingly rich in features that help website creators to create a spark in the stores. Here are a handpicked Joomla templates that are incessantly popular at present owing to their responsiveness, SEO friendliness and rich features.


jPeople is a cool template with an incredible layout. Its image slider presented just below the navigation bar, help developers place flashy banners, videos or large images. Requiring some basic coding skills in using it, it is a favourable template for the developers. jPeople offer login form to support creating of membership site and have a dozen of ingenious modules.

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JA Simpli

It’s a great multipurpose template that developers use for creating a range of websites from personal portfolios to blogs. It has alluring 4 types of premade templates for the home pages. To add to the convenience of the website creators, it allows for customisation of designs without working hard with complex coding. Further, JA Simpli is lightweight template without any framework and works great with the integration of third-party plugins.

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JD Miami

Joomla’s JD Miami is the first choice of developers who want a fast loading as well as a lightweight template. Besides being a template having a bundle of business-like features for websites, it is also a fitting one for eCommerce sites as it allows adding up of pricing tables. Features like slider, ACY mailing, Tabs. testimonials, blogs can be easily added using JD Miami which are must-haves for services based websites.

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It is a minimalist and responsive template that offers J2Store eCommerce integrations. Having extreme flexibility, it is a proper template choice for all kinds of eCommerce businesses. It’s a feature-packed and all-in-one modern and natively responsive template that helps companies trade their products together with promoting their brand.

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This template is best suitable for lifestyle and fashion sites, having mobile-friendly layouts and exclusive features like shortcodes. It offers a responsive modernised theme for websites with minimalist designing that is apt for lifestyle or fashion magazines, clothing designer store, or for parlours, spa, hair & beauty salons. This template is no doubt the first choice for those willing to own a site that is about fashion or beauty trends.

The list certainly does not end here. There are much more luring and user-friendly templates of Joomla, helping Joomla Website Development companies to create out-of-the-box websites. To put it simply, Joomla stands as an awarding CMS platform, but its rich set of web templates for an array of categories like eCommerce, Business, Portfolio, News, Event, Education, Blog makes it more endearing to all developers.


To Achieve The Best Web Development Choose CakePHP Framework


PHP is an adaptable dialect in this manner numerous a times its coding winds up plainly unmanageable or erratic. It advances like different dialects, C++ and Java by permitting Object Oriented Programming and different components in it. It needs a structure to make pleasant coding. There are a lot of structures accessible in the market for PHP. Tenets, traditions, accomplishments, and disappointments has been set by their own. Among these all the CakePHP website development service in USA is the best decision.

CakePHP Web advancement depends on MVC show implies Model, View and Controller. It entirely isolated business rationale from the information introduction layer. Database tables are spoken to in Models.

• Models associate your database and question it and spare information to database.

• Views are much the same as format documents they displays their substance to the end clients. Controller enroll factors, exhibits and protests. Controllers have rationale of your application.

• Controllers offers diverse usefulness. Through models controller can recover and changed information by getting to database tables. Controller enlisted factors and protests which can be utilized as a part of perspectives. There is no cooperations amongst models and perspectives all rationale is taken care of by controller.

CakePHP has different highlights like:

• Code age through Bake

• Access control records

• Application platform ask for dispatcher with custom URLs

• Data sanitation

• Integrated CRUD for database security

• Session and Request dealing with segments

• Robust User Community – Active Development of the Core Code

• Simplified questioning

• Website registry free

• In-assembled approval

Taking a gander at the complexities of CakePHP Application Web Development you may have understood that you should have help of the experts. You should contract a CakePHP website development company in USA for your fantasy venture. Enlisting in-house CakePHP designer is a migraine so it is better you go to the outsourcing organizations. Gifts are accessible at less expensive rate through outsourcing organizations. They can offer their administrations at reasonable rates as they are working from creating nations where gifted work is accessible at less expensive rates. Outsourcing organizations offer great infrastructural offices.

You can speak with your engineer at whenever and from anyplace premise. You can contact your engineers through messages, moment flag-bearers, live talks on the sites, telephonic correspondence by means of global calling framework. You can deal with your ventures through undertaking administration programming so you can distribute work to your engineers and follow their work consistently. You can get detailing consistently. On the off chance that you have more than one designers in your group then they distribute group director for you who oversees group in the interest of you and lessens weight and makes administration simple.

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