Engaging Headline Hacks to Win Your User’s Attention #2

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In our last post, we have shed some light on the significance of attractive titles and have showed some examples how you can turn dull titles into exciting ones.

However, there were more points of list which we have compiled into this post. Whether you are thinking of your new blog title for your Node.Js web development service or want an attractive title for your article on healthy living, this guide will assuredly help.

1. Target Specific Audience

Specific people like distinct content. It’s possible that a girl in her twenties who likes to read fashion blog probably find no interest in technical articles. Hence, there’s nothing wrong in being specific at times. Titles like “New Parents: Know About the Chemicals in Your Kid’s Products” grab more attention than “Chemicals in Your Food”.

2. Short Titles are More Effective Longer Ones

When users search through search engines, they look out for short, sweet, and easy-to-digest titles. Titles that appear like more of paragraphs, instantly scare them away. The optimized limit for a title is 35-85 characters. For instance, “top Node.Js web development company in USA blog” is way better than “one of the top web development company that provides great Node.Js development services.”

3. Keep it Simple & Clear

You should focus on cutting down all the branches in your title that make it appear abstruse. A title that is simple and easy to read is better than a rhetoric title unnecessarily fulfilled with perplexing, hard-to-apprehend words and phrases confusing the user, making him scroll down a bit to find better alternatives.

4. Try Attractive Ad Search Keywords

Among “the best 64GB smartphone for teens” and “options for 64GB smartphones” which one do you find more attractive? The former one, right? Hence, always keep an eye for high-performing, creative ads or titles to drive the most efficient traffic.

5. Include High-Performing Keywords

If there’s a hashtag or celebrity name is going viral relevant to your content, by all means, including that in your title. For instance, “Free Japanese Breakfast: Another reason to #FlyHardLiveYoung” will likely to perform better than “Free Japanese Breakfast included in your flight.”

All things considered, killer headlines rock. They have power to invite the most lethargic of customers to your website or blog. Titles are the doors to your content and hence, a proven title-creation strategy should be applied to make the best of your efforts. If you have any queries or need any help regarding your online business, feel free to give us a shot.

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Engaging Headline Hacks to Win Your Users’ Attention #1

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Words are powerful, they have the power to create the moments or to destroy them.” – if you use your words thoughtlessly, mishaps will chase you. If you use them wisely, you will win hearts and in the case of the internet, the words you use to promote your business will win you customer’s attention.

We know that the content is the fuel that charges up the internet marketing. Be it on-page or off-page SEO, social media campaigns, or digital marketing, without a good content, everything is lifeless. Top AngularJs web development companies in USA conducted a survey to figure out what actually influence the customer’s thought process and prompts them to click on your link instead of your competitors.

When we dig deeper to see where the roots of customer acquisition actually start, we get a halt at our website’s appearance in SERP. When a user looks out for a service or product they usually search for a keyword and a number of alike, competitive titles and links show up. That’s where we can put magic to our content, to let our titles outshine others.

Regardless of how engaging your content is unless your title is attractive enough to grab the eyes of your potential customer, most of your effort will turn futile. Crafting catchy titles is an art and if you want to master this art, you would need to read this quick digest out:

1. Use Numbered List

Lists seem easier to digest than big, haunting paragraphs. For instance, out of “great skin care tips” and “10 great skin care tips”, which one you would click on? In the addition, people have been found to prefer odd number list than the even one.

2. Use Negative Keywords

Today most people are connected to the internet and know what should they do to take care of certain problems of adversities in their lives. However, the fear of doing something wrong constantly haunts them. And that why using negative titles such as “10 Don’ts” is more powerful than “Do’s”.

3. Ask Questions

“Did you knew about these proven ways to lose weight?” is way more convincing than “Proven ways to lose weight.” Questions prompt people to contemplate, they call for them to find insightful answers in order to get satisfied. Everyone knows a few things about losing weight but when you ask them if they actually do? They will rather read your blog/ article to get enriched, says a report by a leading AngularJs web development service.

4. Include Brand Names

Including brand name in titles suggests authority, bolsters the bottom line of your business, and provides recognition. It’s undoubtedly an immaculate strategy for long-term goals.

The list of the factors that affect the engagement quotient of your title is rather long. Hence, we will uncover the rest of the tactics in our next post. Stay tuned!

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For more info please go on to our social profiles :-
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/apphonchoz

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/13263532

Twitter – https://twitter.com/apphonchoz

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Which is Better: Site Optimization or Traffic Optimization

In today’s advanced world it is very difficult to run an online business without online marketing because people are way more comfortable with online services than offline ones.

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The Online market is growing rapidly day by day and with this growth, other IT companies like PHP web development services are also increasing. Online marketing has become very huge and is also known as internet marketing or digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the best and modern way to promote your business. It has many methods but It has only two important stages, one is Site Optimization and the second one is Traffic Optimization. Today we will see, out of these two which is the best way to promote your business and where you should invest in online marketing.

Site Optimization

First, we will talk about Site Optimization which is also known as On Page Search Engine Optimization and can help your business to rank well in search engine with the help of relevant keywords. Nowadays everyone is using search engines to find products and services for almost every possible requirement. Whether it is personal or official, their first choice is online resources.

If you are doing an online marketing of your business, you always have to watch it or test it regularly and if you don’t keep an eye on it, you are wasting your money. Whether it is your landing pages, graphics or applications, be a sharp and smart watcher.

Keep on checking, how many potential customers are actually turning into the real customers. If the ratio is balanced, your online marketing is going well but if the ratio is unbalanced, it is a matter of concern and you need to tell your online marketer to put quality on your website.

Traffic Optimization

Due to the great demand of online services, IT sector is booming and as a result, a number of web development companies such as PHP web development companies in USA are emerging and are helping businesses with their traffic optimization campaigns.

If you are doing online marketing of your business, it is essential to do a comparison. Compare the percentage of relevant and irrelevant traffic, as this is the best way to eliminate worthless traffic or clicks.

After comparison, you will get the transparent conversion data and You will be able to do essential changes to improve your website’s performance. Always pay for the right traffic and don’t waste money on wrong unworthy traffic.

For example, if you take out 20% of worthless traffic from your website, within a few weeks your cost per conversion will get dropped by 80%.

It is sometimes very tricky to decide between Website optimization or Traffic optimization and you keep thinking where to spend your precious time and resources. So for that question, both these ways are equally effective for any business campaign and the priority selection depends on your campaign.

However, it is good to start with quality traffic because it is very important to have quality traffic in order to make your services or business better. Except for exceptions, this could be the better idea to pick first, among these two ways.


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Stunningly Simple CRO Tips to Boost Conversion Rates

In the end, what actually matters for 1 billion competing websites around the planet, is how to take their conversion rate to the peak. A recent report reveals that more than 52% online business entrepreneurs consider increasing their conversion as the highest priority.

Another report suggests that there was a surprising boost of 65% in the conversion rates of top PHP web development companies in USA last year. Still, only a small chunk of online businesses are content with their conversion rates.

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So, why it’s so cumbersome to lure the customers ever after the majority of world’s population has access to the internet? Well, it’s simple, more and more contenders are participating in this race, making it difficult for new birds and the existing ones to grab any opportunities.

However, despite all the obstacle among your way and rivals in your path, you can still stand out by start fixing the issues in your own website. Here are some expert’s CRO hacks to raise your conversions:

  1. Optimize Your Websites to Mobile Devices

Mobiles are getting stunningly powerful over the recent years and if you don’t adhere to it, your business will definitely fall behind in the race. A greater part of total world’s population now prefers using smartphones to take care of a variety of their everyday needs including online shopping, accessing social media and browsing the internet.

Hence make sure to optimize your website for mobile devices.

  1. Improve Your Landing Pages

It’s very easy and returns great results. Once a potential customer stumbles upon your landing page, now it’s up to your page that whether it can allure the person or not. Many PHP web development services increased their landing page numbers to 40 and in turns received 12 times more leads.

  1. Perfect Your Call-to-Actions

If you ask any successful business owner to tell you the secret recipe for getting great sales and leads, he/she will just guide you to their potent call-to-action buttons.

Don’t mind tweaking your call-to-action buttons as distinct always attracts. A company was able to step up their conversion by 75% just by replacing the old ‘request a quote’ with ‘request pricing’.

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Proven Techniques for Building an Email List for Your Business

Setting up an online business or e-commerce portal is tough but still manageable. The harder nut to crack is to tell your customers about your products and services, to prompt them to hit the checkout button and to retain and satisfy your existing customers. Email marketing is a great way to initiate or keep in an interaction with all kinds of customers or prospects.

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With some thoughtful email marketing hacks, an oodles of website design services in the USA are winning customers, reviews, referrals as well as conversions. The terrain where online businesses compete is ruthless, and if you really want to survive, you should make sure to make your email marketing strategies flawless, infallible, and impactful.

Over the past few months, we have endeavored to get a handful of insights from some successful online businesses getting impressive sales by employing effective marketing campaigns. Here, we have put together those scattered pieces of advice to help you with your service or product based online business:

1. Medieval Times is Gone. Automation has Arrived.

If you just sit on your desk wishing to handle all the email marketing thing manually, you will be wasting the most precious resource you’ve got – Time.

Hence, grab an efficient email marketing software with salient features such as personalized emails, offers for new and existing customers, persona and sub-groups based targeting.

2. A Sign-Up Form that is Valuable

The term ‘Valuable’ here signifies to the Sign-Up forms that interpret to your website visitors that your business is worthy enough for their time and their email. It should be easy, direct, and very creative.

Many custom web design services overlook the significance of the Sign-UP forms and opt for just any form vastly available on the internet. Steve Jobs said everything must perfect and these forms really are.

3. Recognize the Power of Live Video Broadcasts

Search engines prioritize businesses that offer informative, valuable and a diverse range of video content to their audience or customer base.

Videos dominate the advertising or marketing world and can be induced with creativity to steal the attention of users for quite some seconds. Moreover, your marketing and content team would love to create creative video broadcasts and this approach would let you standout from the competition in your customer’s eyes.

Digital marketing has a magnificent ground to move and unless you invigorate each and every aspect of your marketing strategy, it will be harder for your business to advance to the top from the mediocre. Utilizing the three aforesaid techniques will help your email list grow significantly.


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Know These 3 Essential WordPress Plugins Will Help You Out

Some say there’s no better profession than teaching. There’s always something new to experience when you are surrounded by students and learners. Nowadays, establishing and running online courses not only showcases your subject expertise in front of masses but, at the same time, it helps you earn a living.

Adding a few courses as a side feature to your website adds value to your business and garner trust of your audience. Working as a developer in a top-notch Joomla web development company in USA for 3 years, I’ve seen a brim of entrepreneurs, businesses, small-scale enterprises, and subject-experts to successfully leverage these courses to strengthen their foundation.

Despite all the factors in your favor, creating, running, and managing online courses is not same as blogging. While everyone in your audience and even a random visitor can just perform a few clicks and read content from your blogs.

Courses, on the other hand, are not all the same. They might be paid or free, require users to register in order to gain the access and may include some complex features such as drop down lists, payment gateways, content dripping, and much more. Hence, you may want to have a look and include some of these preeminent WordPress plugins:

1. LearnDash

LearnDash is probably one of the best eLearning-dedicated WordPress plugins available out there. And when you contemplate on the features it providing including quizzes, inbuilt payment gateway, Tin-Can API, multiple teachers, and pre-requisite courses, the price tag of $159 seems reasonable enough.

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2. LifterLMS

LifterLMS is an ideal option for early-stage startups and businesses with low budget as it is attainable for free of cost. The features it provides including gamification, payment system, drip content, profiles will be quite handy to set up your online course. The only drawback is you have to pay for the add ons and each can set you back as much as $99.

3. WP Courseware

Do you not want to spend more than a fresh $100 bill for your eLearning plugin? If that’s the case then WP Courseware can be the best choice for you.

It costs only $99 and facilitates you to build drag and drop interfaces, drip content, and make quizzes. More and more Joomla website development services are suggesting their eLearning clientele this very plugin.

The world of internet is quite competitive and with these useful plugins, your work will become quite manageable.

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How to Start With Joomla Website Development?

Regardless of whether you are new to the universe of online business or have a prepared occupation with a website, the fact of the matter is that a dynamic, easy to understand and simple to keep up website is fundamental for the accomplishment of your business advertising design. Many individuals are attempting to make sense of the ways that can make their website easy to use without paying much. A great deal of choices are accessible on the internet today yet just couple of stand out as amazingly great that you can consider.

The first and the preeminent is to utilize Joomla Web Development Company Application From to design and build up your site. Joomla is an open source framework, which implies it was made by different designers around the globe and does not require any extra cost to utilize. To begin with Joomla Website Development you should essentially download the stage and introduce in on your server. You will likewise discover endless augmentations that you may consider to introduce or download and upgrade the usefulness of your webpage.

The best thing about Joomla design and Joomla customization is that you can sign on whenever and roll out fundamental improvements on your website, it is anything but difficult to utilize and you don’t require any specialized preparing for it. Joomla is the best substance administration framework and through Joomla customization you can rapidly make a component rich website for nothing.


In spite of the fact that, Joomla is totally free and simple to utilize yet a considerable measure of entrepreneurs whine that they don’t get a website that is redone precisely according to their organizations, which may kill their guests. Here is when applies the second procedure – to employ a Joomla engineer. This can turn out to be the most invaluable choice for your website. The master Joomla engineers know the intricate details of the business and design your site remembering your intended interest group.

You will have the capacity to design the website any way you like and you won’t be constrained to formats or format choices. There are a considerable measure of advantages of utilizing Joomla Website Development Services for your website improvement. This article is anticipated to kick you off and give you some fundamental approaches to consider.

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